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Petition Campaign for National foundation Day of the ROK
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August 20, 2015


Toronto, Canada - A petition campaign urging the designation of August 15th as the official National Foundation Day of the Republic of Korea("ROK" or "South Korea") was launched on August 10, 2015 by 100 initial petitioners from Korean-Canadian communities in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.


"It's most natural to commemorate August 15th as the Liberation Day, marking the end of Japanese occupation in 1945," said Shin Bong Kang, former president of the Federation of Korean Associations in Canada, who chairs the Campaign. "It's a shame, though, not to commemorate officially the same August 15th as the National Foundation Day, marking the beginning of a new era as a 'democratic' state in its 5,000 years of history."


There exists a misconception, mostly promoted by the pro-North Korea elements in South Korea and overseas, that the founding of the ROK in 1948 brought about  two divided Koreas against the nation's cherished desire for a single unified Korea. The ROK was founded on August 15, 1948 in the South and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea("DPRK" or "North Korea") hastily followed suit in the following month, on September 9, 1948.


The truth is that at the secret order of Joseph Stalin early in February 1946, Kim Il-sung began the formation of a soviet state in the North and planned to communize the whole peninsula as soon as the U.S. military withdrew from the South. In effect, it was Kim Il-sung who formed the divided government in the first place, not Rhee Syngman, the founding President of the ROK, who was a shrewd judge of circumstances and lawfully established a democratic state in the South with the consent and blessings of the United Nations.


"It was the most realistic choice for Rhee Syngman under the circumstances - in order to prevent communization of the peninsula - and his choice has been proven right because thanks to him more than two-thirds of the Korean nation currently enjoy freedom and prosperity in the South, in particular the freedom from the yoke of totalitarianism under the Kim family dynasty in the North," said Kwang Ung Kim, former president of the Korean Veterans Association in Eastern Canada.


"It is our privilege and our duty to commemorate the birth of the ROK with pride and pledge to complete the unfinished job of liberating the North," echoed Kyung B. Lee,

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president of the Council for Human Rights in North Korea, who serves as Secretary                                                                                                                          

General of the Campaign.  Mr. Lee added  that he firmly agreed with ROK President Park Geun-hye when she said in her Liberation Day speech: "the genuine [complete] liberation will come with the national unification"--  under the Taegeukgi, the national flag of the 'free and democratic' Republic of Korea.


The petition, upon collecting some 1,000 signatures, will be submitted to President Park Geun-hye and other political leaders of the ROK, a copy of which is attached herewith.


For further information,

contact Kyung B. Lee,

Secretary General of the Campaign